Buffing Machines


Through-Feed Buffing machine


More powerd and equipped version of Selecta

Conceived for the heavy buffing and the levelling of the thickness of the leather it is the ideal machine for high quality and precise processes like nubuck articles from which its name comes from. Nabukka has a more powered motor and has the variable speed of the buffing roller and the water cooling system with radiator as standard accessories.


Working width


Indicative technical data

Main features
  • Steel basement structure to give lifetime stability;
  • Buffing roller manufactured with techniques that ensure its perfect balance;
  • Variable speed of the buffing roller, essential for specific processes like nubuck, snuffing, recovering of previously finished leathers, etc.
  • Water cooling system closed circuit of the buffing roller with stainless steel tank and radiator for a greater save of buffing paper and a longer duration of the rubber transport roller. The water cooling system allows to avoid vibrations that creates the “chatter marks” prevents the buffing paper from melting while processing greased leathers and avoids alterations of the colours of splits and suedes;
  • Rubber transport roller having a range of rubber types and hardness, to be chosen in cooperation with the customer, in order to suit any type of buffing operation;
  • Manually-operated buffing increment device to increase the buffing action onto specific areas of the leather;
  • Pneumatic holding blade, manually-operated, to buff the leather till its final edge;
  • Motorized holding roller to ease the feeding of soft leathers;
  • All motors are controlled by inverter and all the speeds are visualized onto dedicated displays
Optional accessories on request
  • Spreader, feeding conveyor for soft leathers
  • Pneumatic holding blade automatically controlled by a photocell to buff the leathers even in the final part;
  • Ionizing bar to reduce the electrostatic electricity;
  • Water cooling system of buffing roller closed circuit and chiller (refrigerating) unit;
  • Leather exit conveyor with divaricated belts and with pneumatic bar-leather-straightening device;
  • Aspiration under the exit conveyor;
  • Rubber sleeve changing device;
  • 4.0 version controlled by PLC and touch screen control panel for the automation of several machine’s functions;
  • Remote assistance and troubleshooting
  • Motorised adjustment of the working thickness
One of our patents

Feeding conveyor mod. Spreader to ease the feeding of sift leathers (optional only for sizes 1800 and 2100)