Bundle makers

Fold & load

Bundle making machine

The Fold & Load is a bundle making machine, that is to say a machine designed to fold the finished leathers into a bundle and load it automatically onto a pallet. Normally this machine is positioned underneath a stacker Bertech Soft or Dynamic that is, in its turn, positioned after a through-feed ironing machine or a measuring machine. The synchronization with the stacker allows to accumulate one or more leathers on the two conveyors positioned on the upper part of the Fold & Load with grain up or grain down or mixed. Once the selected number of leathers has been reached, the machine folds them. In the lower part of the machine other conveyors complete the bundle.

According to the exigences it is possible to fold the leather in 2/4 or 8 folds.

Once the leathers are folded, the bundle is transported outside from the working area of the machine by a band conveyor and it is automatically loaded onto the pallet. The band conveyor aligns all the bundles one close to the other on the pallet. When a line of bundles is complete, the platform sinks to be ready for another set of bundles. The operator work will be to fold the edges of the bundles and stick the labels on the leathers.



3200 x 3200

With and extra accessories: the rotating carousel the Fold & Load can rotate of 90°. In this way it is possible to fold the leather belly to belly or butt/head according to the needs. The change of direction can be done in few seconds.

The Fold & Load, when positioned underneath a stacker, is equipped with wheels and rails so that it can be moved when the stacker is used to load the leathers on a standard pallet or table.