Combined sammying and setting out machine


Reversible Sammying and Setting out machine

Between the dyeing and drying processes the ARUGA is used to open the leathers, smooth the wrinkles and remove the excess of water.

The ARUGA SR is the combined sammying and setting out machine with mirror-chromed pressure roller heated by thermal oil to enhance the glazing effect on the grain.

The operation with the heated roller is ideal for the full grain leathers.




Indicative Technical Data

Main features
  • Heavy electro-welded structure to guarantee a long durability in time;
  • The movements of the machine are made through bearings installed inside the flanks of the machine;
  • Rubber transport roller activated by hydraulic system with progressive exchange valves for the inversion of the movement;
  • Exclusive steel spreading roller instead of a rubber one. The roller is supported and motorized independently from the transport roller, permitting a spreading of the leather before it is processed by the main blade cylinder. Moreover, the spreading roller, working on the flesh side of the leather, contributes to its cleaning;
  • Machine in line with the present safety standards,
  • Machine can work at a pressure going from 0 to 20 tons and a pressure up to 120°C