Dedusting Machines

Ariosa T5S

Through-feed dedusting machine

ARIOSA T5S is a special through-feed dedusting machine to remove the dust from thick leathers or similar, after any type of work phase, such as: buffing, dry shaving, dry splitting, stacking or milling.
It is composed by two upper blowing heads, one lower blowing heads and another two upper blowing heads distanced from the previous two. It grants an optimal cleaning of both the grain and flesh sides.
It can be supplied with a table for the manual leather feeding, to work as an independent machine or in combination with a buffing machine. The Ariosa is always supplied with a blower unit.
It has to be completed by an aspiration and dust collection plant.  Due to the high air flow, the use of this machine is not recommended with the very soft leathers


Working Width


Indicative Technical Data

Technical Drawings

Main features
  • Highly resistant structure in electro-welded steel;
  • Blowing and suctioning head subjected to stabilizing thermal treatment;
  • Transport belts made of special fabrics with anti-static carbon fibres;
  • Variable speed controlled by inverter;
  • Rapid belts’ removing system for the cleaning of the blowing head(s)
  • Complete aspiration and dust collection plant
  • Blower unit complete with filters, silencer and safety valve
Optional accessories
  • Blower insulation (to position it inside the plant
  • Main suction pipes (according to the design
  • Suction fan
  • Dust collector model FQ pressure type ;
  • Dust collector model FE negative pressure type;
  • Dust collector model FE with ladder and parapet included;
  • Dust compacting machine model BR;
  • Ionizing bar (antistatic).