Filtering Plants

In order to buff and dedust the leathers in a safe and sustainable way, respecting the environment. it is necessary to combine the buffing line with an efficient system for the aspiration and filtration of the dust. The dust collector is composed by a series of filtering sleeves and by a dust collection device.
There are two main filtration systems: pressure system i.e. the dust is flowing inside the filtering sleeves and the negative pressure system that is to say where the dust flows outside the filtering sleeves. The first one is a good and economic system but it does not give the chance to detect with specific filters the concentration of thin dust particles in the air. The second system, working by negative pressure, is optimal in the filtration of the dusts. The filtering system is insulated and equipped with specific filters that give the chance to monitor the concentration of the thin dust particles emitted. This system is already compulsory in some countries. It is the most efficient system but also the most expensive one.