Reviving Machines

Karezza TT

Machine with rotating brushes to comb the splits and nubuck

The KAREZZA is a machine with rotating brushes to comb the splits and nubuck. For each article a different brush is used, from the one made of brass threads for splits, to the mixed horse hair for nubuck. It is used to comb the fibre of the buffed leather in the same direction it has been buffed to increase the writing effect. It is manufactured in two versions: Karezza with the sole rotating brushes or the KAREZZA TT equipped with a dedusting head to clean the leathers from fibres of particles removed by the brushes during the combing phase.


Working Width


Indicative Technical Data

Main Features
  • Self-standing steel structure
  • Feeding conveyor
  • Horse-hair or brass brushes
  • Double blowing and suctioning head subject to thermal treatment for its stability
  • Embedded and silenced rotating-blades blower;
  • Transport belt made of highly gripping material to obtain the maximum adherence of the leather;
  • Variable speed controlled by inverter;
  • Rapid head lifting system for the cleaning of the air blade
  • Aspiration plant with bags for the collection of the dust
Optional items on request
  • Rotating brushes of different materials to obtain different effects