Roller Coating Machine


Roller coating machine for synchro and reverse applications

The SUPERCOAT has been developed for the reverse coating of soft leathers for upholstery, automotive or garment on full hides.

The feeding of leathers is obtained through a double spreading conveyor that works in combination with a feeding blade designed and crafted to ease the feeding of the soft leathers.

The feeding and coating of leathers in a uniform and well calibrated way are eased by the new helical rollers type HS and by the variable contact geometry between the operative roller and the rubber transport conveyor.

The life of the mechanical organs, the rubber transport conveyor and the feeding blade is safeguarded by the exclusive ABS system that lifts automatically the roller bridge, in case of leather clogging inside the machine before the mechanical organs are submitted to an excessive stress;

The SUPERCOAT duly accessorised can work both in reverse and sychro modes.
In reverse: pre-base, base coating, coating, oils and paraffins.
In Synchro: Oil applications and “multipoint” tipping.


Working Width


Indicative Technical Data

Technical Drawings

Main features
  • Feeding conveyors: composed by two washable belts where the leather is laid to be delivered to the operative roller. The speed of these feeding belts is synchronized to the speed of the rubber transport conveyor and this speed can be modified to ease the leather spreading. The frame of the feeding conveyors is installed on wheels and it is automatically fixed to the machine’s frame by a pneumatic locking system that grants the perfect alignment and the absence of vibrations;
  • The feeding system: positioned at the exit of the feeding conveyor, it guides the leather on the way to the operative roller easing the passage of the leather between the rubber conveyor and the operative roller. This device is supported by the well known compensation device (patented) that grants a perfect alignment of the leather with the operative roller;
  • ABS (anti-block system): a safety device that can be calibrated and that can detect if a leather is stuck between the operative roller and the rubber transport conveyor. The system is very efficacious and when it intervenes it opens simultaneously the operative roller (by lifting the bridge) and the feeding system. The leather, free from any constriction, will be driven out from the machine by the transport conveyor. The normal working mode will be re-established by simply pressing a button. 
  • The SUPERCOAT can use helical rollers type HS for the application of reverse finishes on soft leathers or HSS for stucco and pre-base applications;
  • Membrane pump for colour applications with distributors installed onto the frame of the doctor blade;
  • Pneumatic colour mixer;
  • Automatic washing system of the colour roller through water and compressed air jets;
  • Pneumatic opening and closing of the doctor blade assembly. It is installed on the roller bridge of the machine. It can be manually adjusted to change the contact angle between the doctor blade and the operative roller;
  • The oscillation of the doctor blade is controlled by a gear-reducer and an eccentric that grants the perfect linearity of the movement;
  • The washing tank, equipped with water jets and one horse-hair brush for the continuous cleaning of the conveyor, can be easily opened for a fast cleaning of the brush;
  • The multi-position idle roller offers the possibility to change the contact position between the leather and the operative roller. The adjustment of this roller is automatic in order to ease and speed up the working parameters.
  • The rubber scraper can be adjusted to change the pressure against the rubber transport conveyor and vary the humidity level on the conveyor itself;
  • Scraper and tank installed inside the rubber transport conveyor to keep the latter clean;
  • Peel Off Device (POD) positioned at the end of the rubber transport conveyor with automatic safety opening in case one leather gets stuck;
  • Automatic roller changing system with automatic self-positioning and motorized rotation;
  • Electronic control of the speeds of the operative roller and the rubber transport conveyor visualized on digital display;
  • The functions of the machines are managed by a PLC and all the parameters are visualized and controlled by a touch screen panel;
  • Working thickness with centesimal resolution, independently adjustable on left and right sides;
  • Working thickness fine tuning with fast distancing and mechanical compensation device (patented)
  • Recirculation tank and water tank in stainless steel;
  • 3-position roller changing bridge;
  • Rails to move the machine and the feeding conveyor     
Optional accessories at customer’s request
  • Roller heating system by thermal oil with adjustable temperature;
  • Tip Up Conveyor:  wheeled connection conveyor between SUPERCOAT and the drying tunnel with divaricated belts;
  • L-Type synchro roller for synchro applications;
  • Heated tank for oils and paraffins with adjustable temperature;
  • Piston pump for stucco and pre-base with larger delivery pipe;
  • Pre-heated piston pump for the application of oils and paraffins;
  • Synchro doctor blade with mechanical fine tuning;
  • Synchro Peel Off Device (patented) for design roller