Special compact-type stacker with split movable conveyor

The stacker BERTECH model ARMLESS is the machine specifically developed to meet the needs of the finishing plant where in the same line both full hides and sides are processed.

This stacker is also useful for those tanneries that process small size leathers such as croupons, shoulders, sheep & goat skins on large machines (such as spray lines or ironing machines) and deposit the leathers on two stacks.

The name of the ARMLESS derives from the fact that this stacker is without arms since it is made of two movable, independent and self-standing conveyors that, when necessary, can work as a single one. A specific software allows the two conveyors to move either independently or perfectly paired and synchronized. Built following the highest quality standards, the stacker ARMLESS  has a strong and solid structure made of materials that have been tested in tannery through long and intense productive cycles and its dimensions place it among the most compact machine of its category.

BERTECH is the sole manufacturer that equips its stackers ARMLESS and DYNAMIC of the anti-fall system of the lifting device considering it essential for the safety of the machine and operators.


Working Width


Indicative Technical Data

  • After staking machine  – STK with brush extractor (if not supplied with the staking machine)
  • After Dedusting machine – DD without extractor (with brush extractor un case of leather loaded with electrostatic electricity)
  • After finishing line – SPR with discs extractor
  • After ironing machine – FPR with brush extractor
  • After measuring machine – MM without extractor
1 version

S = short: to deposit long leathers on horse or medium/short leathers in table (maximum stroke 1600 mm)


Main features
  • Direct drive motors;
  • Self-lubricating bearings not requiring any particular maintenance intervention;
  • Sliding guides of the movable conveyor made of specific materials to reduce the friction and the sliding noise;
  • Rails on the floor to move the machine rapidly;
  • Touch screen interface with graphic design helping the operator in the choice of the work program or in the detections of any malfunction;