Traditional compact type stacker

The stacker BERTECH model DYNAMIC is made in two versions: one for the wet end and one for the finishing department.

Made of high quality materials, it has a solid frame composed by element tested for the use in tannery. Its reduced dimensions place this stacker among the shortest of its category although the inclination of the fixed conveyor makes it suitable for any type of leather because of the absence of problems related to the sliding or rolling of leathers. BERTECH is the sole manufacturer that equips its stackers DYNAMIC and ARMLESS of the anti-fall system of the lifting device considering it essential for the safety of the machine and operators. Another important characteristic is the working width that is always identical or higher than the one indicated in the leaflet.

The stacker DYNAMIC can easily deposit any kind of leathers:

  • On pallet after wet blue press or through feed sammying machine;
  • On horse or table after staking machine in crust;
  • On horse or table after manual or continuous stucco table;
  • On pallet or table after buffing/dedusting line;
  • On horse after spray line but even on table when processing firm leathers;
  • On horse after ironing/embossing machine but even on table when processing firm leathers;

The DYNAMIC is available in 5 versions:

  • XS= extra-short: for sheep & goat (stroke of carriage 1600 mm)
  • S= short: to deposit the leathers on horse or table (stroke of carriage 2000 mm)
  • M= medium: to deposit on horse, table or pallet short leathers (stroke of carriage 2800 mm)
  • L= long: to deposit any kind of leather on any support (stroke of carriage 3100 mm)
  • XL= extra-long: for leathers beyond 55 feet on any support (stroke of carriage 3300 mm)

Working Width


Indicative Technical Data

Main features
  • Direct drive motors;
  • Self-lubricating bearings not requiring any particular maintenance intervention;
  • Sliding guides of the movable conveyor made of specific materials to reduce the friction and the sliding noise;
  • Rails on the floor to move the machine rapidly;
  • Touch screen interface with graphic design helping the operator in the choice of the work program or in the detections of any malfunction
Optional accessories available on request
  • Automatic lifting of one or both arms that supports the moving conveyor to ease the pick up of the pallet with the forklift;
  • Stainless steel transport conveyors for corrosive environments;
  • Polypropylene electric panel: anti-corrosion;
  • Pneumatic piston for the fast distancing of the stacker when installed on wheels;
  • Longitudinal cutting machine (with laser pointer) to cut the full hide into two sides;
  • Additional conveyor with stamping or marking machine;
  • Leather inspection device: a remote control that forces the stacker to deposit in leather at the end of its stroke instead that going onto the pallet so that the operator can inspect it safely;
  • Stop & go: double overlapping conveyor to double the working speed;
  • Double motorization of the fixed conveyor to align to sides;
  • Double motorization of the fixed conveyor to realign any misaligned leather;
  • Stamps and Markers