Line of stackers specific for the splitting machine

The stacker model SPL HYBRID is positioned behind a splitting machine. The main characteristic of this stacker is that the split is piled on a pallet positioned on the floor and the moving conveyor is lifted automatically following the stack of splits. The grain instead is plied onto a pallet positioned on a lifting platform that lowers down as far as the stack of leathers rises up. 


Working Width


Versions available: 6
  • Model SPL single – classic stacker after splitting machine for the sole grain that works as a traditional stacker with pallet positioned on the floor. It is normally used after a dry splitting machine;
  • Model SPL (standard) – classic stacker after splitting machine with two lifting platforms for grain and split
  • Model SPL 2+1 – classic stacker after splitting machine with two lifting platforms for the split and one for the grain. In this case the choice of the selection of the split is made according to the weight (a specific conveyor with loading cells weighs each split and sends it to the selected platform);
  • Model SPL 2+2 – Classic stacker after splitting machine with two platforms for the grain and two for the splits. This model reduces drastically the timing for the pallet changing because the machine passes automatically from a platform to another after reaching the selected number of leathers.
  • Model SPL HYBRID – classic stacker after splitting machine that deposits the grain onto the lifting platform. For the split there is a standard stacker (similar to the DYNAMIC model) that deposit the split on a pallet. The advantage is given by the speediness of ascent and descent of the carriage of the moving conveyor compared to the lifting platform. This is very useful when the first 50 or 60 splits have to be folded to avoid them to touch the ground or when there are batches of splits that have to be manually trimmed on site;
  • Model SPL FOLD – special stacker after splitting machine that folds the grain and the split halfway. Normally this stacker is customized together with the customer in accordance with his exigencies. An example can be the grain fold halfway on the pallet and the split deposited flat.
Optional accessories available on request
  • Surface of the lifting platform in stainless steel
  • Pneumatic or electrical displacing system of the lifting platform (to ease the intervention of the forklift);
  • Synchro-speed system. An electronic speed adjustment system that controls the speed of the stacker in relation with the speed of the incoming leather;
  • Transport conveyors in stainless steel for corrosive environments;
  • Polypropylene anti-corrosion electric cabinet;
  • Single or double stamping machine;
  • Longitudinal cutting machine with laser pointer to cut the full hide in two pieces;
  • Transversal cutting machine to cut the shoulder combined with a conveyor that deposits it on the exit band;
  • Loading cells installed onto a conveyor of the stacker to check the weight of each single leather;
  • Digital thickness indicators for the continuous check of the thickness of the leathers