Through feed ironing and/or embossing machines


Through-feed ironing and glazing machine

Finilux is the through-feed ironing machine normally used for ironing in final stage to enhance the brilliant effect of the finishing. Finilux for its characteristics is the ideal machine to process the small and medium leathers as well as the full bovine ones.

The Finilux S is a special through-feed machine that can iron by pressure or, in alternative by thickness. It is used to iron only the peaks of the heavy prints or iron without crushing the fibres and keeping the soft touch of the leathers.


Working Width


Indicative Technical Data

Technical Drawings

Main Features
  • Ergonomic feeding table that improves the operator’s work position;
  • Mirror chromed cylinder for glazing effect on leathers;
  • Operative roller equipped with the newly improved, leakproof rotating joints;
  • Heating system by thermal oil optimized to offer better performances and a greater energy saving;
  • Triple temperature control system for the implementation  of the machine’s safety
  • Heating device extractable to reduce the time necessary to change the felt;
  • Improved design of the feeding conveyors (spreader) to minimize pleats; The spreader is made of washable material;
  • New generation customizable multilayer felt;
  • New, electronically controlled driving system of felt and spreader;
  • Automatic felt centring device;
  • Programmable timer for the automatic start of the heating system;
  • Operative roller’s water cooling system with open circuit;
  • Electrical components housed in an independent cabinet;
  • All machine’s functions are managed and controlled by a latest generation touch screen panel;
  • The control panel informs on the timings and modes of the regular maintenance 
  • Electromechanical opening system adjustable by touch screen;
  • The operative roller is motorized to iron the leathers by thickness for the lightest touch on their surfaces. The S model is the ideal to give a brilliant effect to the peaks of the embossed leathers and leave the underlying part opaque.
Optional accessories on request
  • Gantry for the storage of maximum three operative rollers;
  • Leather detaching device controlled by inverter (compulsory when the machine is coupled to a stacker);
  • Motorized leather detaching brush on felt conveyor controlled by inverter (only with stacker)
  • Metal detector;
  • Dust aspiration system for feeding conveyors;
  • Felt-cleaning-brush with aspiration system (suction fan and filtering cyclone)
  • LCD monitor and single camera to control the leather exit area of double camera to control the stacker exit area as well;
  • Integrated illumination system of the leather feeding zone;
  • Failure detection system and interconnection to BERGI’s Assistance Department;
  • Ionizing bar to reduce electrostatic charges