Through feed ironing and/or embossing machines


Through-feed press for ironing and satin-finishing

Finilux is the through-feed ironing machine normally used in finishing to enhance the glossy effect of the finish, whose characteristics make it ideal for processing small or medium sized leathers, up to whole bovine leathers.

The basic version is the traditional machine for ironing, glazing and engraving of light prints. It can work up to a pressure of 130 Kg/cm.




1800 / 2200 / 2600 / 3200 FINILUX TR: 1800 / 3200

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Ideal machine for ironing by pressure or alternatively by thickness, for ironing only the peaks of heavy grains or ironing leathers without crushing the fibres, keeping them soft. The machine can work up to a pressure of 130 kg/cm. 

The motorized roller, which works the leather in synchro, allows thickness ironing and provides a very light touch on the leather surface without crushing it. 

The model S is the ideal to give a brilliant effect to the peaks of the embossed leathers and leave the underlying part opaque. 


Special machine for the application of glossy, matte, laminated, sequined, patterned transfers to leather. The system is equipped with an accessory for protecting the felt with a reel of film. Normally a polyester film is used. 

On the front part of the machine there is a transfer film unwinding device, which can be single or multiple (1, 2 or 4 reels), with a spreading roller that keeps the film well stretched. The detachment area, in the rear side, is compete with cooling device. Customized solutions are applied as required. 

With the Finilux TR properly equipped, it is now possible to apply the finishing on full grain or buffed grain, by thermal transfer from polyester film or embossed release paper. If the working pressure is low and the machine is only used for finishing with release paper, a belt with siliconized surface can be used instead of using the felt protection kit.