Through feed ironing and/or embossing machines


Through-feed ironing and glazing machine

The FINILUX TR is a machine specific for transfer. The system allows the application of transfer paper like glossy, dull laminated, paillettes, designs etc. The system is also composed by a device to protect the felt with a protection foil on reel.

Normally to protect the felt a disposable polyester film is used. On the front upper part of the machine it is positioned the transfer paper unwinding device. This device can be single or multiple (i.e. made of one, two or four reels), then a spreading roller to keep the film outspread and, on the rear side, that is to say on the leather detaching area, it is possible to have different solutions that can be discussed case by case.  A FINILUX TR well accessorised offers the possibility to apply, by thermal transfer, a finishing made of polyester or embossed release paper either on full or buffed grain. On the rear exit side it is possible to add a cooling device to ease the detaching operation. If the work pressure is low and the machine is used only for the application if finishing with release papers, it is possible to use silicon jacketed conveyor instead of the normal felt conveyor and the felt protection system.  The FINILUX TR can be used as a normal FINILUX   



Working Width


Indicative Technical Data

Technical Drawings

Main Features
  • Ergonomic feeding table that improves the operator’s work position;
  • Mirror chromed cylinder for glazing effect on leathers;
  • Operative roller equipped with the newly improved, leakproof rotating joints;
  • Heating system by thermal oil optimized to offer better performances and a greater energy saving;
  • Triple temperature control system for the implementation  of the machine’s safety
  • Heating device extractable to reduce the time necessary to change the felt;
  • Improved design of the feeding conveyors (spreader) to minimize pleats; The spreader is made of washable material;
  • New generation customizable multilayer felt;
  • New, electronically controller driving system of felt and spreader;
  • Automatic felt centring device;
  • Programmable timer for the automatic start of the heating system;
  • Operative roller’s water cooling system with open circuit;
  • Electrical components housed in an independent cabinet;
  • All machine’s functions are managed and controlled by a latest generation touch screen panel;
  • The control panel informs on the timings and modes of the regular maintenance
Optional accessories on request
  • Gantry for the storage of maximum three operative rollers;
  • Possibility to install light embossing rollers like har-cell and sandblasted ones;
  • Integrated illumination system of the leather feeding area;
  • Failure detection system and interconnection to BERGI’s Assistance Department
  • Silver braid to reduce the electrostatic charges