Through feed ironing and/or embossing machines


Through-feed ironing and embossing machine

STARLUX SV it is the only press in the world designed for ironing in three different ways with the same machine, that is: pressure, thickness or long contact between felt and chrome roller.
Ideal for ironing and continuous pressing of leather for footwear, clothing and leather goods. Specifically for those who need, on some items, to press for a long time without pressure, or to iron to thickness by touching only the points of a drummed grain. This version is managed by the combination of a mechanical system and a hydraulic system controlled by a PLC, which allows work to be carried out by adjusting the working thickness to distance the operator roller from the felt. Ideal for those who want maximum results in ironing, satin finishing, precision molding such as “fintofiore” or grits that require high definition, pressure (from 10 to 160 kg / linear cm).




Working Width


Indicative Technical Data

Main features

The feature that distinguishes the STARLUX SV from the other traditional models is the roller changing system. This machine has the revolving roller-changing device instead of the classic gantry. This system permits to change an operative roller automatically in less than 30 seconds. Thanks to the possibility to install a dedicated heating unit for each roller, each one of them can be heated at the desired temperature and it is possible to restart working immediately after the roller change. The machine can be supplied with a maximum of three rollers but the additional two rollers can be installed even at a later time. The exclusive thermal-oil-heating-system grants a temperature precision all along the surface of the roller unique in its genre with a difference of maximum 1°C. Therefore, this machine is ideal for those who need to iron soft leathers without compacting them, or to iron waxed leathers keeping their colour uniformity, or give the brilliant effect to aniline leathers or iron the peaks of the embossed or the milled leathers.    



Main features
  • Ergonomic feeding table to improve the work position of the operator;
  • Ironing roller with mirror chroming to give a brilliant effect to the leathers;
  • Operative roller(s) with new and exclusive leak-proof rotating joints;
  • Optimized thermal-oil-heating system for greater energy saving and the maximum performance;
  • Triple temperature control system for a higher safety;
  • Extractable heating system to reduce the felt changing time;
  • Newly designed feeding conveyors (spreader) to reduce the pleats. The feeding conveyors are made of washable material;
  • Customizable, multilayer felt;
  • New electronically controlled felt and feeding conveyors driving system;
  • Automatic felt centring system;
  • Programmable timer for the automatic start of the heating system;
  • Open-circuit water cooling system of the operative rollers;
  • Electric panel installed in an independent electric cabinet;
  • All the functions of the machine are controlled by a last generation touch screen control panel;
  • The control panel informs on the time and methods of the normal maintenance;



  • Mirror chromed ironing roller;
  • Fine grain sandblast roller;
  • Intermediate/big grain sandblast roller;
  • Fine hair cell embossing roller;
  • Medium grain embossing roller (for leather goods);
Option Accessories available on request
  • Pre-heating system, to heat he leather;
  • Integrated illumination system of the working area;
  • Front LCD monitor and rear camera to control the leather exit area or double monitor and cameras to control both the back of the machine and the stacker (if present);
  • Software and network devices to collect and transfer production data and to access the online service;
  • Metal detector installed on the spreader;
  • Ionizing bar to reduce the electrostatic charges;
  • Motorized felt cleaning brush controlled by inverter, complete with aspiration and dust filtering cyclone;
  • Leather detaching device for the operative roller controlled by inverter (only in combination with a stacker)
  • Felt leather detaching brush controlled by inverter (only in combination with a stacker)
  • Operative roller water cooling system closed circuit with chiller unit;
  • Area measuring machine (roller or bar type)
  • System for the application of transfer papers