Through feed ironing and/or embossing machines


Through-feed ironing and embossing machine

The SUPERSEVEN is the last generation ironing and embossing machine. The use of new technologies and the standardization of the constructive units have given the chance of creating a machine that keeps unaltered the qualitative and productive characteristics of the products that characterize the products of BERGI trademark.

All models are equipped with a three (3) position gantry that can be extended up to five (5) per single machine or a bridge gantry that can connect two (2) or more machine. Each model has a pre-heating system for one roller in standby.


Working width


Indicative technical data

Main features
  • Double-wall support frame to better distribute the pressures generated during work;
  • Three-position gantry extendable;
  • Spreader with two conveyors made of washable bands
  • Implemented heating system by thermal oil for a higher energy saving and the maximum performances;
  • Operative rollers’ cooling device for the quick change of temperature;
  • Independent electric cabinet in a separate box;



  • Ironing roller standard chroming;
  • Mirror chromed ioring roller;
  • Fine grain sandblast roller;
  • Intermediate/big grain sandblast roller;
  • Fine hair cell embossing roller;
  • Medium grain embossing roller (for leather goods);
  • Heavy grain embossing roller (for upholstery and/or automotive)
Optional accessories on request
  • Gantry for the storage of the standby rollers with 4 or more housings;
  • Connecting beams for the interchange of the operative rollers between two or three Supervario, Superpress or Superseven;
  • Metal detector installed on the spreader;
  • Ionizing bar to discharge the electrostatic charges;
  • Leather detaching device for the operative roller controlled by inverter (only in combination with a stacker)
  • Felt leather detaching brush controlled by inverter (only in combination with a stacker)
  • Kiss-plate system for light ironing;
  • Measuring machine with printer to be installed on the feeding conveyor;
  • Stamping machine to be installed on the exit conveyor (not included)
  • Kit Transfer
  • Independent heating unit