Through feed ironing and/or embossing machines


HEAVY DUTY through-feed ironing and embossing machine with automatic roller changing system. The SUPERSTAR was born from the basic structure of the SUPERPRESS with the addition of the automatic roller changing device. It can store up to three rollers of large diameter. Each operative roller is heated by its own heating unit.

The SUPERSTAR S has been designed to iron by pressure or by thickness and to emboss leathers for shoes, leather goods, upholstery and automotive.

This machine is ideal for those who need, for certain articles, to iron leathers without compacting them, or to iron only the peaks of milled leathers.  This special version is managed by the combination of a mechanical and an hydraulic systems controlled by a PLC that allows the adjustment of the working thickness by distancing the operative roller from the felt.

The SUPERSTAR S, thanks to its 250 kg/cm pressure is also ideal for those who need to emboss the leathers with heavy prints.


Working wifth


Indicative technical data

I punti di forza della SUPERSTAR S


Thick operative rollers to withstand a nonstop work at the maximum pressure. Sturdy and exceptionally rigid supporting frame to bear the maximum torsional forces.


The contact area between the operative roller and the felt conveyor has been moved forward to enhance the heavy prints. The distribution of the pressure, independent on the left and right sides, is controlled by a compensation system. The machine can work from a minimum of 50 kg/linear cm to a maximum of 250 kg/cm but, upon request, it is possible to install a system called “KISS PLATING” that allows the machine to work under the pressure of 50 kg/cm


I rulli operatori sono riscaldati da olio diatermico. Grazie ad un particolare distributore all’interno del rullo, l’olio riscalda uniformemente la superficie del lavoro con uno scarto minimo di errore impercettibile sulla pelle. Inoltre un nuovo sistema di controllo automatico della distribuzione dell’energia per riscaldare l’olio diatermico, ha eliminato i picchi di consumo elettrico con un importante risparmio sulla bolletta. Iol sistema di riscaldamento è dotato di timer per la partenza automatica e spegnimento. Ogni centrale ha il circuito di raffreddamento ad olio.


Thanks to a state-of-the-art leather feeding system independently driven and a specific felt chosen from the wide range offered by Bergi, the Superstar assures an optimal leather processing and the absence of folds and wrinkles. The felt is automatically centred.   


The operative roller is locked to the structure of the machine by means of two steel pins of huge dimensions controlled by two hydraulic pistons. This unique system locks or unlocks the operative rollers automatically. The roller changing system is driven by a motor and, thanks to the heavy-duty gear reducer the machine can work with one, two or three cylinders. This means that the rollers can be added in a second time.


The operative roller is motorized to iron by pressure and give a light touch to the leather surface without crushing it. The S model is ideal to give the brilliant effect to the peaks of the prints while leaving the bottom dull.


  • Mirror chromed ironing roller;
  • Fine grain sandblast roller;
  • Intermediate/big grain sandblast roller;
  • Fine hair cell embossing roller;
  • Medium grain embossing roller (for leather goods);
  • Heavy grain embossing roller for upholstery or automotive
Option Accessories available on request
  • Pre-heating system, to heat he leather;
  • Integrated illumination system of the working area;
  • Front LCD monitor and rear camera to control the leather exit area or double monitor and cameras to control both the back of the machine and the stacker (if present);
  • Software and network devices to collect and transfer production data and to access the online service;
  • Metal detector installed on the spreader;
  • Ionizing bar to reduce the electrostatic charges;
  • Motorized felt cleaning brush controlled by inverter, complete with aspiration and dust filtering cyclone;
  • Leather detaching device for the operative roller controlled by inverter (only in combination with a stacker)
  • Felt leather detaching brush controlled by inverter (only in combination with a stacker)
  • Operative roller water cooling system closed circuit with chiller unit;
  • Area measuring machine (roller or bar type)
  • System for the application of transfer papers