Through feed ironing and/or embossing machines


Through-feed ironing and embossing machine

The SuperVarioV concentrates all the characteristics of the Supervario T and the Unipress Vario because the machine can work in vertical mode, that is to say without wrapping the felt around the operative roller, or in inclined mode with the felt wrapped like the Unipress. The contact surface can be varied according the specific needs. Supervario V is both a heavyweight machine machine to emboss heavy grains and a delicate machine to iron upholstery hides. 

Widely renovated thanks to the long working experience acquired with the Superpress and the Unipress, the Supervario V keeps the main qualitative characteristics that have positioned these machines at the top of the world market and has been improved in its reliability, productivity, in the interaction with the operators, safety and serviceability.


Working width


Indicative technical data

Indicative drawings

Most relevant improvements


  • Pre-heating of the leathers before the embossing/ironing;
  • Variable contact with the surface of the operative roller;
  • Automatically controlled felt tensioning system;



  • Ergonomic feeding table that improve the work position and the comfort for the operator
  • Integrated illumination system of the working area*;
  • Front single LCD monitor and rear camera to control the leather exit* or double screen to control the stacker’s exit too (if present)*
  • Touch screen control panel



  • Triple temperature control system for a higher safety;
  • Loading sensors on the roller changing gantry*
  • Diagnostic system to detect faults and connectivity to BERGI Assistance Department*;



  • Easy and fast felt chance;
  • Extractable heating system to reduce the felt changing time;
  • Faster heating system of the operative cylinders thanks to the new leakproof rotating joints;
  • Digital control panel that informs the operators on the timing of and the methods for the routine maintenance*;

The SuperVarioV standard offers many other interesting standard features, such as:

  • Double wall operative roller-supporting-frame to distribute the pressure points on the bearings and to better control the flexion of the operative rollers;
  • Roller changing gantry with four (4) housings for the standby rollers;
  • Double conveyors’ spreader with washable belts;
  • Customizable multilayer felt;
  • Implemented thermal-oil-heating-system for greater energy saving and the maximum performance;
  • Water cooling system open circuit to lower the temperature of the operative rollers;
  • Electric panel in a separate and independent cabinet.

*optional items on request


    • Ironing roller standard chroming;
    • Ironing roller mirror chroming;
    • Sandblast roller with fine or big grains;
    • Embossing roller with light grain (hair cell and similar)
    • Embossing roller with heavy grain (for upholstery or automotive)
Optional accessories on request

Besides the previously listed items we can offer:

  • Gantry for the storage of the standby rollers with 6 or more housings;
  • Connecting beams for the interchange of the operative rollers between two or three Supervario, Superpress or Superseven;
  • Metal detector installed on the spreader;
  • Ionizing bar to discharge the electrostatic charges;
  • Motorized felt cleaning brush complete of aspiration system and filtering cyclone;
  • Leather detaching device for the operative roller controlled by inverter (only in combination with a stacker)
  • Felt leather detaching brush controlled by inverter (only in combination with a stacker)
  • Close circuit roller cooling system with chiller.