Through feed ironing and/or embossing machines

Unipress Vario

Through-feed press to iron in intermediate and final stages

UNIPRESS VARIO, the through-feed ironing and glazing machine newly updated to enhance and optimize the ironing process of the greatest variety of leathers.

The new ironing machine with variable contact angle between operative roller and leather allows to increase or decrease the brilliant effect on the leather during the final stage ironing without modifying the touch.

Differently from the UNIPRESS N, the Vario possesses the following extra features:

  • System for the change of the contact between leather and operative roller
  • Automatic felt tensioning system through electric motors adjustable by touch screen control panel.

Working Width


Indicative Technical Data

Main Features
  • Double-wall-steel-frame designed to sustain centrally the bearings and their housings of operative rollers and counter-pressure roller to avoid structural flexions even when working at the highest pressures;
  • Operative roller of large diameter with mirror-chromed finish to boost the characteristics of the finishing products applied;
  • Inclined position of the operative roller to grant a longer contact of its surface with the leather that has proved to remarkably effective when ironing in intermediate stage;
  • Possibility to work at “zero” (0) pressure for final ironing by using the sole heat of the chromed cylinder and avoid to crush the grain;
  • Operative roller heating by heat transfer oil with spaced distribution system inside the cylinder for the maximum uniformity of the temperature all along its surface;
  • Special rotating joint made by Bergi and oil recirculation system leak proof guaranteed;
  • Automatic felt centring system with manual tensioning;
  • Double feeding conveyor to avoid pleats;
  • Timer for the automatic starting and switching off of the heating system;
  • Operative roller water cooling system (open circuit)
  • PLC and touch screen control panel for the management of the working parameters and the service information of the machine
Optional accessories available on request
  • Pre-heating system, to heat he leather;
  • Integrated illumination system of the working area;
  • Front LCD monitor and rear camera to control the leather exit area or double monitor and cameras to control both the back of the machine and the stacker (if present);
  • Software and network devices to collect and transfer production data and to access the online service;
  • Metal detector installed on the spreader;
  • Ionizing bar to reduce the electrostatic charges;
  • Motorized felt cleaning brush controlled by inverter, complete with aspiration and dust filtering cyclone;
  • Leather detaching device for the operative roller controlled by inverter (only in combination with a stacker)
  • Felt leather detaching brush controlled by inverter (only in combination with a stacker)
  • Operative roller water cooling system closed circuit with chiller unit;
  • Area measuring machine (roller or bar type)