The dust collector (also called filter) is a very important constitutive element of the buffing line. The efficacy of this element may condition the performance of the entire buffing line. In fact, if the dust collector is not perfectly efficient, the entire aspiration plant will be affected.

Nowadays, a perfectly efficient aspiration plant is not enough. Besides being efficient, the aspiration plant must be in line with the most severe antipollution rules of the European Union. 

For this reason, Bergi S.p.A. recommends the use of negative pressure dust collectors FE type and dust compacting machines. The negative-pressure-type dust collectors can keep very high filtration standards in line with the most severe regulations and they are equipped with an automatic self-cleaning system that keep their performances unaltered. The dust compacting machines, reducing several times the volume of the dust, allow a easier storage of this hazardous material and drastically decrease their volatility protecting the environment.


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