The roller coating machine model MULTICOAT has been deeply updated by the R&D team of Bergi S.p.A. to offer the customers an easy to use, versatile and highly productive model.

The MULTICOAT-R and RS have been enriched by new functions directly deriving from the high-end model Softcoat

The machine is now equipped by a larger touch screen control panel offering an intuitive graphic interface and thanks to the easy to understand functional menu, the software of new MULTICOAT-R and RS allows internet access, can control the productivity in real time and signal the presence of any malfunctions.

Thanks to the addition of the ABS system (patented) derived from the Softcoat and the new washing tank with pneumatic opening, the working phases are more efficient and the downtime of the machine, when changing the work processes, has been significantly reduced.

Similarly, the new system that changes the geometry of the transport conveyor automatically setting the thickness gap has been conceived to increase the user-friendliness of the machine.   

The roller coating machines model MULTICOAT-R and RS have all the optional accessories that can satisfy any productive requirement, such as:

  • Roller heating system by thermal oil;
  • Pneumatic piston pump for the application of stucco products with larger delivery pipes;
  • Pre-heated piston pump for waxes and greases;
  • Pre-heated tank for waxes and greased;
  • Pneumatic colour mixer;

Bergi S.p.A. is constantly focused on improving its machines to offer solutions that will enhance the productive cycles and ensure a high quality final product


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