Dedusting Machines

Ariosa Mobile T1

Through-feed dedusting machine

Through-feed dedusting machine installed on wheels.  It has one single upper blowing and suctioning head. It can be positioned in front of a spray tunnel, a roller coating machine, an ironing machine or behind a staking machine.

It grants the perfect cleaning of the grain side of the leather where the dust could compromise the quality of the article.
The machine is supplied with: blower, suction fan, dust collector and electric plant.


Working Width


Indicative Technical Data

Aspiration volumes

Technical drawings

Main features
  • Light but highly resistant mobile structure;
  • Blowing and suctioning head subjected to stabilizing thermal treatment;
  • Transport belts made of special fabrics with anti-static carbon fibres;
  • Variable speed controlled by inverter;
  • Rapid belts’ removing system for the cleaning of the blowing head(s)
  • Complete aspiration and dust collection plant
Optional accessories
  • Insulated dust collector
  • Ionizing bar (antistatic bar)