Research and innovation are at the base of the development of a society, because they provide the necessary growing factors. Today it is essential that the development and the creation of products and consumables is as much sustainable as possible.

Bergi S.p.A. and the team of employees coordinated by the Bergozza family, have fully embraced this fundamental concept and devote themselves every day to the creation of machineries securing, besides productivity, an increasingly low environmental impact.    

At the next Simac/Tanning Tech fair that will take place in Milan from the 22nd till the 24th September, 2021, Bergi S.p.A. will present two machines of remarkable importance for productivity and sustainability:
– the trough-feed continuous Ironing and Embossing machine model Superstar T 3200 
the new belt Buffing machine Attiva 3200.

The trough-feed continous Ironing and Embossing machine: Superstar T 3200

The Superstar T 3200 is a model that derives directly from the Supervario T, a machine that was presented to public at the Simac/Tanning Tech trade fair in February 2019, and which was largely appreciated by customers right from its debut. The Superstar T 3200 features all the construction characteristics of that model with the difference that the rollers changeover is not carried out by means of a gantry, but is fully automatic and is carried out by means of a revolving system. It is also possible to heat the installed rollers independently by equipping the machine with additional independent control units. The quality of the construction is guaranteed by the use of materials designed to offer durability over time, while the new technical solutions adopted, such as the pre-heating system on the feeding conveyor, the oversized counter-pressure roller and the latest generation electronics make the Superstar T 3200 a highly productive, versatile and safe machine with the highest standards of quality and embossing precision. The pre-heating system on the feeding conveyors allows both to reduce the thermal shock that the cold leather undergoes when meeting the hot operating roller and, for some articles, to process the leathers at a lower temperature of the operative roller. In this way, as well as obtaining a final article that is generally softer to the touch, the problems of finishing cuts, which are known to be generated by thermal shock, are avoided. Finally, the increased diameter of the counter-pressure roller allows, thanks to the 35% larger printing area compared to the models currently on the market, a significant increase in the overall productivity of the machine.

The new belt Buffing machine Attiva 3200

The Attiva 3200 buffing machine completes the range of through-feed continuous buffing machines by Bergi. Following the success of the 1800 and 2200 versions of the Attiva launched in 2019/2020, and in response to several requests for a model suitable for processing whole hides, this year we are presenting to our customers the 3200 model of our belt buffing machine. This model, too, stands out for its working precision and state-of-the-art technical construction quality. Among the main technical features, in addition to the unquestionably solid structure, since all Bergi buffing machines are equipped with their own base, we include the large opening of both the upper protection guard and the leather introduction system. Thanks to this last feature, both the buffing-paper change and the rubber roller replacement as well as cleaning and maintenance are particularly easy and fast, to the benefit of productivity. As well as all the latest generation models produced by Bergi S.p.A., the Attiva 3200 is also equipped with its own touch-screen display with internet connection to facilitate remote assistance and the uploading of recipes and working parameters.

Our Exhibition in Milan

We invite you to visit us at the exhibition in Milan Hall 18, stand D19/D27, E20/E28, to see the machines and to book the test trials that we will soon organise in the context of our new plant in Arzignano. The catering service will be present at our stand.